An evening of worship

October 7, 2017
6:00 pm
München, Deutschland
Hansastraße 181, 81373
An evening of worship
Liberty Experience

The evening starts at 18:00 with some instrumentation, led by our professional Saxophonist and Pianist. Then we will flow into some slow gospel special numbers to prepare you for the big surprises our music team have for you!
Our well selected team of singers and instrumentalists will then lead you into some soul worship songs that will make you feel blessed and thankful!
The atmosphere will rise from worship to high praises where you will get to show your dance moves and display your praise attitude!
We will conclude with more worship and allow you enjoy that atmosphere of gratitude, joy, peace and praise!
Join us!

We desire an experience of God that comes from a sincere heart.
We desire an atmosphere where worship is genuine, true and spiritually driven.
Come and enjoy this atmosphere at the Liberty Experience worship concert.

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